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A delightful contact manager for your Google Contacts

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The brief

Google & Ubuntu gave us an open brief to create a full-scale desktop application for Linux, macOS, Windows and the web to help prove the readiness of Flutter for desktop.

Walkthrough of the app


To help promote Flutter for desktop we created Flokk Contacts, a delightful contacts app to help you find, edit and connect with your Google contacts better.

Our approach

Our application uses real data and accounts to create a real world showcase on Flutter apps for desktop. This helped us highlight many key desktop features developers would expect.

To encouraging direct learning we open sourced Flokk Contacts with an MIT license. Visit GitHub

flokk ecosystem: Linux, Windows, MacOS, and the browser

Works across all desktop platforms

Flokk feels like a native desktop app on Linux, macOS, and windows. There's also a web version too!

See your contacts' social activities in one place

Adding GitHub and Twitter accounts to your contacts will see your Flokk come to life on the dashboard. See your contacts recent and popular tweets from twitter, or check out recent and trending from their Github activity.

flokk displaying content from connected social accounts

Recent activity on GitHub & Twitter

flokk in a variety of screen dimensions, desktop, small screen, mobile

Flokk's different window sizes

Fully responsive

Flokk Contacts will work on any desktop device and fit into any window you want, make it full screen or maybe crush it down to keep it in the background.

Download Flokk for any desktop platform


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