Flutter Folio

A multi-platform app that feels great on every device

The brief

Showcase Flutter's capabilities to create apps that feel at home on every platform and device: iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and the Web.

Walkthrough of the app @ Flutter Engage


For Google's Flutter Engage event we launched Flutter Folio, a scrapbooking app that purposefully considers the capabilities, user expectations, input devices and idioms for each platform.

Impressively, over 95% of the code base was shared between platforms.

blue owls with green apparel and drinks

Our approach

We built an app that respects the norms and leverages the strengths of each platform it runs on; mobile focuses on content gathering (snapping pics), desktop/tablet on creation, and the web on sharing.

To encourage direct learning we open sourced Flutter Folio with an MIT license. Visit GitHub

Three screenshots containing application windows on different operating systems with title bars consistent with their respective operating system

Custom OS title bars for Linux, Windows 10 and MacOS

Native controls, custom elements.

We worked to combine native look and feel, with custom elements to create title bars that feel right at home, but aren't utilitarian.

Adapting to screen size & input devices

User interface controls adapt their density, hit areas, and presentation based on screen size and whether the user is using touch or mouse/keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts, scroll wheel, and right-click accelerate tasks when available.

Image demonstrating how the user interface adapts to the type of device being used

Right click controls are swapped for buttons on tablet + touch devices

two screenshots containing the same modal rendered in a expected way based on the device

A modal control is swapped for a sheet for mobile

Platform adaptive menus & panels

Modal overlays on desktop & sheets on mobile reflect the expectation of users and maximize usability. Flutter let us adjust layouts or even navigation flows easily for each platform.

Deep link & browser support

The full app works online, but it also supports a read-only mode for sharing scrapbooks with friends or family.

A screenshot of a Flutter Folio art board

Flutter made adding support for the web a walk in the park


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