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Explore a World of Wonders on iOS, MacOS, Android, and the web

Image of camels with The Great Pyramids of Giza in the background

A beautiful and fun way to explore some of the World's most remarkable places

Wonderous will educate and entertain as you uncover information about some of the most famous wonders in the world. Learn about the cultures that created them by exploring the artifacts they left behind.

Wonderous Compass

Greatness in every corner of the globe

From the Colosseum in Rome to the sky-high ruins of Machu Picchu you'll gain insights into each of the 8 treasured locations.

Image of The Great Wall of China

Browse a huge collection of artifacts

Witness the evolution of these great civilizations as you navigate thousands of years of art from the 

Wonderous timeline feature on a mobile device

Explore the interactive timeline

Visualize the construction periods of each of the wonders and key events in their histories. Gain new perspectives as you encounter important global events along the way.

Wonderous timeline on a mobile device

Explore a World of Wonders on iOS, MacOS, Android, and the web

Image of Machu Picchu

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